A fun morning

So I woke up this morning to the droning of a helicopter circling overhead. I looked out my window and noticed the man hanging out of the door of the police chopper clutching a sniper rifle. On my way out of the ‘hood, neighbors warned me to be careful – the police were out in force. I saw reporters straggling in, clustered in groups of three or four wearing their special black vests with the yellow letters that proclaimed their neutrality. I counted 15 police cars parked on the sidewalk outside the favela. That means between 45-60 police officers were roaming the streets. The fireworks were going off left and right. Shops were closed. What was going on?

Who knows… I heard four or five different stories – the consensus seemed to be that the Policia Civil were hunting someone. No word on whether they found their quarry. But on the plus side, they were gone a few hours later, and I didn’t hear any shots fired…

I’ll let you know if it’s a good story. If not, well, just another day in the life…

UPDATE: So I saw pictures in today’s paper… Over 300 police, several hours of operations, 7 people arrested, 52 stolen motorcycles recovered, and 0 people shot. I’m a big fan of that last statistic…


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