Coherent? Nah… Free associative? Why not…

For some reason, my internal censors don’t kick on when I’m sick. So like tonight, I sit on the bed here, running a mild fever, stomach feeling a bit “stabby” (as one of the ST girls put it)… And I know my censors aren’t running because there is no purpose behind these ramblings. No direction. Nothing. Merely an existential cry – a “Here I am!” – my own barbaric “YAWP!” Or maybe more of a “yip…” considering how I’m feeling… Come on and smile at me, won’t you be my neighbor…

I’m actually, officially, almost all the way enrolled in a new post-grad program. (I think.) They tell me it starts on the 29th of September… and it took much deliberation to decide on the “Social Responsibility and Management of NGOs” rather than the strangely compelling “MBA in Shipping.” Who knew? But my mind immediately leaped to fantasies of pirates and schemes to protect my shipping empire from pirate hordes… and ever so quickly I became the leader of my own pirate horde. (Or squad. Maybe even troupe… I don’t know – horde has become so cliched… but try leading a troupe of pirates into anything… they break into song and dance – much like “the Pirates of Penzance” – at least I imagine… I’ve never really seen it, but am I really missing all that much?)

Thanks to my enrollment in this new program, I will (assuming it starts when they tell me it will) have to (most probably) head back to the US (again) to get another student visa… Thanks to the intricate loops and double-dips of the Brazilian visa system, long term visas are only able to be applied for in your country of citizenship.

“Why,” you might ask, “didn’t you do this last month – nay, even two months ago when you (Ben) were in the US?” Again, a very good question… with a very good answer. The reason is that to receive a student visa, you must have a letter from the school stating you’re enrolled in the class. However, they won’t give you any letter atall until you actually show up for the first day of class. And this presents a problem when you can’t apply for a visa to study in a class until after the class begins… And because no classes had begunned in the couple of months prior to my required trip to the land of the free (one of them, anyway), I was out of luck. Hence, probable trip #2…

Of course said trip will only occur if a number of variables line up, including a minor solar eclipse… (not that an eclipse is a pre-condition for my visa… at least not yet. I just think it’d be really cool…) And before my mind truly shuts down and these words transmogrify from the disjointed ramblings they now are to glimpses of madness followed by pure gibberish, let me bid you all farewell, adieu, to you and you and… no, not you. I’ll be seeing you soon… =)


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One response to “Coherent? Nah… Free associative? Why not…

  1. Martha

    Ben Miller,
    I can hear you say every rambly word in this post. I feel like it’s long after midnight in the Swallow basement, books scattered on that grand table, ramen on the stove, and you’re laughing at every paragraph break as whatever you say makes all the sense in the world to me and I wonder where you ever came up with words like “begunned”… (did he mean to just say that?)
    Ten years ago, friend. I love that I can still hear you.

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