Who do you look like?

Today at church, I was told I looked like Dejan Petkovic – a Serbian soccer player who has played for a number of years in Brasil… This got me to wondering, “Who else have I been told I look like?”

So I decided to make a list, and share it for a laugh or two…

1 – my dad
2 – that guy from “The Dead Zone”
3 – Dejan Petkovic
4 – David Beckham

I think that’s pretty much it. Sadly, not quite as exciting of a list as I was hoping it would be… Still, I’m glad to be me…



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6 responses to “Who do you look like?

  1. Anonymous

    the guy from the dead zone! i can totally see it.


    we miss you, ven.

    anne & the boys

  2. --jenna

    ben…hate to break it to you…but there is NO resemblance to David Beckham. except perhaps in your mad soccer skills! rsrsrs

  3. ben

    hmm. well jenna, i do have to admit that it only happened once… and i did have long hair at the time… and my cool bandana… and it was in a place where, just a few minutes before, another girl said “i’ve never seen a gringo here… it was my one shining moment of fame…

  4. Liz

    I think you look like Victoria Beckham a little bit. Just around the eyes.

  5. David B.

    ben, you have your shirt off when they said you looked like beckham??

    so, your list beats mine….david gahan (lead singer from depeche mode) back when i had my long flat top and in tijuna. and tom green. yikes!

  6. Swift

    I used to get Christian Slater when I was in college. Now I get Joe Pesci.

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