Obladi, oblada…

Life does in fact go on… I’m still in Rio. Hopefully in the next week I’ll be getting all my visa paperwork in order and heading back to the US – until then, however, busy-ness surround and at times threatens to consume. Just another day in the life.

I am also (I think) having computer problems. I’m typing this from a friend’s house with high-speed internet… It’s like ice skating on greased teflon. But, due to aforementioned computer problems, updates over the next few days/weeks may be sporadic. Unless Persephone decides to come back to life… I am still hopeful…


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One response to “Obladi, oblada…

  1. Anonymous

    you always have me laughing ben. i’m glad that you are finding some joy in the midst of all of the crazy that you are experiencing

    i’m proud to know you and to get to work with you.

    amanda knihal

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