Does it annoy anyone else as much as it annoys me? I’m talking about all my rambling about visa stuff… It seems like half the things I write about are bureaucratic nonsense, red tape, and filling out forms. It’s like I’m writing an adventure novel set in the exciting world of the ECAFC (European Competitive Ant Farming Coalition), the governing body that sets the rules and regulations for aforementioned activities. Oh, but they’re not allowed to enforce them. The ECAFC spends all its time filling out forms and paperwork. I’m actually working on selling the movie rights to the above plot… It will be a character study, or… whatever.

All that to say, sometimes, I even bore myself. Sorry internets. I’ll try and keep the visa talk down to a low mumble.

My most heartfelt apologies…



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2 responses to “Annoyances

  1. Jen

    Yeah, but for the record, visa paperwork sucks. Period.

  2. Liz

    i affirm that your blog is still interesting and worth frequent checking.

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