Important things first

You may know of my enduring love for super-heroes – and more importantly, the comedic potential for absurdity that is intrinsic in their very being… That is why the movie “Mystery Men” makes me laugh. That is why I am excited to read Austin Grossman’s novel, “Soon I will be Invincible.” That is why I enjoy this website. (Well, that and my not-normal mind…)

But really, do go take a look at The Superest. It really is quite amusing.

I currently find myself lying on the living room floor of the family home in Rockford. My toes are nippy and blue, because they’re used to Rio de Janeiro spring-time weather and flip-flops, not October fall weather that chills you when you have to leave the heat in the house turned off because you’re trying to single-handedly save the environment… (I lied there, actually. I’m not forgoing heat to save the planet. I’m freezing because of the construction going on in the house and the lack of insulation would mean that if I started heating the home, I would soon end up heating most of the mid-west, and neither myself nor my family can afford that.

I made it back to the US last Thursday – running around on the Wednesday I left, I told a friend I felt like a decidedly lame Jason Bourne. “You have half an hour to get down here before we close. If you want your letter, you’ll be here NOW!” (And of course, after I make it down to the school’s office, barely in time, I sit and wait for 45 minutes while they tie up a few other loose ends.) “Here’s your letter. Now GO! You have half an hour before the notary closes. RUN!” So I ran. Oh did I run.

And somehow I managed to get things together, and make it back here, only to find that there is one crucial piece of paper that is nowhere to be found. It is still a mystery if it ever made it to the house at all, and is hiding somewhere in the midst of piles of papers moved and stacked for the duration of the construction project, or if it was sucked into an early, icy grave by the graspy paws of the infernal US Postal Service… So, once again, I wait.

Adventures, you ask? Well, I could tell you about the left-over Papa John’s pizza I accidentally left out overnight – in the morning, it was covered with ants (ants, in Rockford? who knew?), but rather than throw it away, I bravely picked off each and every ant. Waste not, want not… I could tell you about laughs that greeted me as I went to the store today sporting my fauxhawk… Luckily, I am nearly impervious to mockery. Or I could tell you that I have rested, caught up on reading and correspondence, and am once again practicing what it means to wait. All of the above would be true.

And now… I’m tired, so I’m going to try and go to bed at a decent hour. Who knows what might come in the mail tomorrow!!!



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4 responses to “Important things first

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Ben.
    As I was reading your blog I thought of this article that I read in the NY Times the other day. Not sure where the correlation between superheroes and modern-day inventions is but, nonetheless, I send the link your way! Check it out if you want.

  2. Anonymous

    Here’s the link again. Sorry!

  3. Liz

    I also think Mystery Men is hilarious. I love the part where they accidentally kill Captain Amazing (is that his name?) hah!

  4. Laura

    My favorite is 6 Year-Old Girl. It made me smirk some. And does Pro-Swimmer remind you a little of Rich in his sunga too? Yikes.

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