A weekend with the "fleshies."

In all honesty, I have never liked that term… “Fleshies…” Is it too earthy? I think it might be that it reminds me of the many accidents I had as a child, when a caring parent, nurse, or doctor would examine my wound and say “I think it’ll be just fine once we get this fleshy part sewn up.”

I spend this past weekend at WMF’s board meetings in Omaha, and then extended the time with a quick little road trip up to Michigan for a few extra days… It was a rich, joyful time. I was going to go into great detail about it, but Liz did a great job of chronicling it… except for Father Emmanuel Katongole’s homily at the commissioning on Saturday night based on Hebrews 12. It was mm-mm-good. “You are all crazy! Crazy for leaving security, upward mobility, opportunity and comfort to follow Jesus and live and work among those who are poor… but you are in good company…”

These are a few of those crazy ones who I am glad to call my friends…


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One response to “A weekend with the "fleshies."

  1. Liz

    You know, I’ve also had some negative feedback on the term “Fleshie” from friends. I think it makes us sound just that much more like a strange cult where everyone says “the community” and wears black rings.

    Great pic, it makes me jealous of myself to be in community with all those good lookin’ people!

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