An experiment

I’m trying some new things here on the blog. This will be the first instance of a “blog trailer.” Think of it as a “coming attractions” for this site.

(Drumroll and trumpets… fade to black…)

Coming soon – an epic tale of a traveler wrongfully accused… The adventures of an exile from his country and his brush with the law… Will justice prevail?

Tune in soon for more details…



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4 responses to “An experiment

  1. Jesse D. Heirendt

    kinda like an old fashion radio drama…. sounds like fun.

  2. Anonymous

    Unbelievable…I can’t believe your car got searched! I guess that is a bit assuring after our racial profiling discussion, but disturbing nonetheless. Can’t wait to hear the whole story…Em

  3. Anonymous

    ben, this is cruel.

  4. Liz

    looking forward to the real deal… i feel cheated by this advertisement.

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