Round round get a round…

So it’s taken me a few days longer to get back on here than I would have hoped. Maybe I’ll fill in the story more, but suffice it to say that Rich’s corn experiment (or as Dave so aptly put it, “the poop garden”) is no more. Originally meant to be a test of sweet corn grown on a favela roof, it went into a gradual decline, eventually falling (much like the Roman Empire) and turning into a giant outdoor litterbox for all the neighborhood cats. We cleaned it up the other day, “sold” the dirt back to the hardware store, and now I have a clean roof.

I am out the door in a few minutes – so the post I wanted to post will have to wait. Again with the teasers – things have been busy here in the favela – especially since yesterday. But I have no time. The power is out, and I have to go. See ya’ll soon…



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2 responses to “Round round get a round…

  1. David

    looking forward to seeing the nice, clean roof, sans poop garden, when i visit late next month. =) maybe that plus the lack of puxa will mean a definitive end to the scourge of late night tomcat incursions.

    it was kind of surreal to recognize all those places that news clip showed the BOPE…especially the loja de chinelos

  2. Emily

    That corn garden was STILL standing?? I remember the very beginnings…And is Puxa still around (oh, even mentioning the name makes me cringe)?

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