This will be another brief one – I will have to postpone the words I’m throwing together on police brutality, statistics, and the general fun state of life in Rio (and the favelas in particular.)

I did have a quick question, however. I don’t know how many of ya’ll are new readers, or other WMF people who have stumbled across this – but if you desire (in any way, shape, or form) to receive more communication from me (including, but not limited to, prayer and update emails on some of the more in-depth workings of life here in Rio), let me know…

I know you’re all smart boys and girls and can figure it out for yourself… but if you can’t (yes, I’m talking to YOU…) email me at ben.miller at, or leave a comment on the blog, or send smoke signals…

And I will do my part. Now, it’s time for “decompression” up on the roof… I’m out for now…


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  1. Aaron

    Hey Ben, I’d love to get prayer/update emails from you. My primary email address is still shirui at Take care, my friend.

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