Turn it up to 11

I’m really not sure why it is – maybe because it is the weekend before Carnaval? Maybe cause it’s a rainy Saturday night? But for whatever reason, it is LOUD tonight in Jacare.

I actually was asleep, and the video juke box from down the street woke me up. Well, it wasn’t just that. There is also a group of neighbors practicing the drums. Or maybe it is the church that is singing and having a service. I’m not gonna lie – the mini supplemental funk party (the main one’s on Friday nights) – maybe they couldn’t get enough of screeching, thumping bass beats, and nasal, whiny, repetitive lyrics, so they’re having another one on Saturday.

I’m a heavy sleeper. In my old favela I would wake up briefly when the weekly firework show (to close out the funk party) would start to explode above my home for 45 minutes. It was loud, but I’d roll over and manage to sleep through it. This is another level of cacophony altogether.

It’s as if someone has moved the entire stereo/radio/surround sound section of any electronic store (Best Buy, Circuit City, etc.) into my bedroom, set each tuner to a different radio station, turned the volume up, and set them all to go off at 2 in the morning. And there’s a group of Christians who don’t like secular music, so they’re protesting by playing their drums, tambourine, and guitar as loudly as possible while warbling in an out of key assault on the ears that really should be outlawed by the Geneva conventions as cruel and unusual punishment.

I can detect six distinct LOUD sources of music/drums/screaming. And that is only because there has been a lull in the the other three… I just wanna go to sleep guys. Please turn off your speakers. Please. Let there be a blackout tonight. Anything…


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