Cravings gone wrong

So this evening after dinner, I had a craving for my world-famous coffee-cake. It’s really, really good – I’ve been making variations of it since I was about 10. It was our special camping treat – I’d make one the night before we left, and then we’d sit around the campfire, drinking hot chocolate and apple cider and eating coffee-cake.

My oven has issues – its high temperature is about 200 degrees – so instead of it taking half an hour to bake, it took almost 1 1/2 hours before said cake was almost finished baking. I stuck a match (I’m out of toothpicks) into the edge, and it came out clean. I pulled the cake out a little more, turned around to get a clean match, then twitched and jumped as I heard the glass of the baking pan screech against the metal of the oven rack.

I turned around in time to see my coffee-cake slip out of the oven, bounce off the open oven door, slowly flip over, and land upside down on my kitchen floor (grinding the butter/brown sugar and cinnamon topping into the tile.) At the same time, the glass baking pan cracked. Actually, it shattered. Maybe exploded is a better word. All over the kitchen. Hot glass.

The kitchen is now clean. I ate one piece from the middle that didn’t have any little bits of broken glass in it. It just seemed like such a waste of all my time and energy to not eat ANY of it… The rest I had to throw away… (I’m learning. Last time I was eating food and the glass contained shattered, I just brushed it off [maybe I blew on it too] and finished eating my lunch.)

In other news, we still haven’t gone on our trip to the zoo. The weather just isn’t cooperating. Maybe next week – after Carnaval… yes, this weekend is Carnaval. Not sure if it’ll be fun exactly, but at least it should be interesting – and loud. Very, very loud…


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One response to “Cravings gone wrong

  1. Tracy Jay

    Could you write more about what Carnival is like? The sites, the smells, the people? What do the street kids do during this time?

    And sorry to hear about your coffee cake. I recently made rice krispy bars with the wrong kind of butter and it never congealed…got a morbid kind of mixed up soup instead….


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