Still here…

So a few of you keep showing up here. I’m sorry for the blank space – these last few weeks have been busy as I prepared to receive another Servant Team…

That, and it’s hard to focus and write anything of substance, depth, or even wit when you look like this…

So, my apologies to all – for not writing, for leaving you all hanging, and for looking vaguely creepy…

(in all fairness, I have to say that for it being possibly the worst picture I have ever taken or had taken of myself, it took a lot of time and energy – kind of “Perfect Storm” of nasty-ness…)

Don’t worry. I shall soon be back to normal. I shaved yesterday. Haircut tomorrow. Deep thoughts… maybe the day after.

Until then…



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4 responses to “Still here…

  1. Rebecca

    VAGUELY creepy? try super duper without a doubt really pretty darned creepy. i think you should use that photo next time you write an article for the cry!

  2. amanda

    oh ben. that is gross. hope your servant team knew that it was a joke. you are the first wmf face that most of them encounter. i wonder what will they think of the rest of us??

  3. --jenna


    you look like a redneck drug dealer who would be stopped on the streets if the cops were profiling pedophiles.

    i am so glad you shaved. this picture scares me!!!!!!!!!!! but we do love you. just not the beard thing.

  4. wanderingellimac

    not gunna lie…glad you shaved 🙂
    it’ll be good to hear your thoughts again.

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