Back in Lapa

Today… wow… tired…

(Falling asleep at the keyboard…)

Things are finally picking up speed again – January is over, Carnaval is long gone, the post-Carnaval chaos has been cleaned up, a new servant team has arrived and are almost settled in, and all our other ministry and job related responsibilities are going full speed ahead.

It feels good…

Today we went to the streets (as we do every Monday.) We decided to split it up, as there were going to be 10 of us (including staff, ST, Brazilian volunteers), so Jenna and I took two of the servant team members with us to Lapa – our old haunting grounds… Those cobblestone streets, steps, and sidewalks hold so many memories – so many friends who are now gone – some dead, others merely gone home and left the streets…

I think of R, D, their children we saw tonight… I hope and pray they are some of the ones who make it home..

It felt good to be back in that part of town, with those people – some new, some old… I have stories. And history. But I shall save all those for a time when my eyes are not aching with tiredness…



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