Free association…

(…and other things on my mind lately…)

So I realized today that I’ve been slacking on this. I continually promise meatier offerings “when I have time,” or “when I have the energy…” and then when it comes time to choose – write something on the blog, or play a game, or go surfing, or play guitar, or read a book, or work – the blog invariably ends up losing out.

Part of that is probably my recent fear of introspection. I’ve been struggling with decisions about staying or leaving Brazil – my contract officially ends on August 1st. And while I talk about it and think about it, somehow writing about it would make things “official.” So I try and avoid it…

I got a letter from a friend today though, reminding me of something. He said, “You are our eyes… tell us…” So I will try and tell the truth to the best of my ability.

Tonight, I saw tracers being fired for the first time that I know of.

Tonight, we prayed for this favela we live in, after a wonderful dinner with friends who live here and are hoping to return to Israel as missionaries soon…

Tonight, we watched some of Amy Grant’s latest live concert DVD…

Today, we helped a family we’ve known from the street find a place to live… Hopefully this will be a turning point for M and S and their six kids who are 14 and under. Their three youngest boys love the story of “The Evil Wolf.” (aka – “The Three Little Pigs.”) It’s a bit ironic, as they house they used to live in was made of wood, and it was collapsed in the big storm that came through last month. And now, they’re living in a house made of bricks… Hopefully this house will be a safe place for them.

(I wondered about the economics of the story as well. All we’re told is that the lazy pig, built his house of straw, the less lazy pig of wood, and the hard-working diligent pig built his out of brick. Where did they get their material? Did they work and save up for it? Did they find it? Were they given it? What if the “lazy pig” couldn’t afford bricks? Explain these things to me, please…)

Today we did an activity with friends on the street where they colored sheets of paper, cut them out, built sheep out of them, glued them together, and then we talked about the 23rd Psalm. One of the boys came up to me asking if he too could make one of those “funny looking dogs.” (This was after he colored the sheet of paper, setting up an elaborate scenario of a good heart (the sheep’s head) and a bad heart (the sheep’s ears.) The Bad Heart was trying to take over the Good Heart. Thankfully, the Good Heart had reinforcements from lots of other little hearts (the sheep’s hair), so it was able to fight off the Bad Heart… In the end, love triumphs over all…

(So, you read about computers that have “x amount of processing power.” I wonder how much my brain has… not enough, I feel…)

This past week I:

went to the beach
went house hunting with our friends from the street
found out S (our street friend) is missing, presumed dead
went to the planetarium
had a migraine headache and was laid up for two days
almost saw President Lula
rode the bus
made tacos (with my prize winning guacamole… I don’t want to brag too much, but I’m now up in the double digits of people who claim not to like guacamole, and then they try mine… let’s just say there’ve been changes of heart…)
shared my life story on the roof in a blackout
sweated through the blackout night with no fan or AC
got sunburned
made pizza
slept (but not nearly enough…)

And with that, I sign off. My apologies, internet buddies. I’ll meet up with you again soon… Promise, cross my heart, etc. etc.

May your days be full and rich…


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One response to “Free association…

  1. Jen

    I am one of said guacamole converts. Fresh is best!

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