Thoughts on "The Mission"

So we sat down this evening and watched “The Mission.” I’ve seen it a number of times, and it’s one of my “favorite” movies… But I always forget just exactly how GOOD it is, and WHY it is one of the favorites.

It reminds me of my calling – learning what it means to live transformative, Kingdom-centered lives that reflect Christ… I cry at the end of that movie every time – the picture of redemption, of sacrificial love that demands our surrender, the beauty of faith and love, the power of belief to transcend the banal or extraordinary evil we see and participate in every day…

(If I were to join a Catholic order, I have to say that the Jesuits are pretty appealing – definitely top of my list, with Franciscans coming in second… And while I would probably have some difficulty with the vow of obedience, I would be willing…)

Such beauty amidst the death and brutality of life… It calls me out and inspires me, in the best of ways, asking me, “What (or who) are you willing to defend and fight for? What (or who) will you lay down your life for? What (or who) will you live for?”

In most ways, that last is the hardest question. It lacks glamor, or status, or applause. It is mundane – the daily dying to self in the “little things” that really aren’t so little after all. It is of moments such as these that a life is built.

So, what will you live for? Who will you live for?


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One response to “Thoughts on "The Mission"

  1. Daphne

    oh man, i love the mission too. it always gets me at the end when they scroll the love chapter from 1 cor. the placement of it at the end of the movie, the soundtrack, the version they use, the beautiful message, the reminder of what i give my life to. i’m bawling every time!

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