Georgia on my mind…

Ok, I guess not really Georgia… But there are many other things on my mind – roughly 14 separate vignettes I want to write about – some will go on here. Others maybe saved and guarded like unburied treasure (which must be guarded much more closely. It’s not buried for Pete’s sake…)

Anyway, the tricky thing is that said vignettes all took place in between Friday at 5 PM and Monday around 9 PM. A rich, full, life-filled weekend… And as thankful as I am, and as much as I’d love to share the stories, the people, and the textures, I am going to be responsible and try to go to bed soon.

I won’t even make pancakes or coffeecake before I do (go to bed.) And believe me, I’m hungry, and both options sound tempting…

Maybe tomorrow – the adventures continue…


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