Before bed quotes and conversations…

“Wow, what a special meal… We have Coke AND juice!”
~ One of the boys from Vidinha

R (one of our guys who lives on the street) – “You look tired.”
Ben – “My head hurts…”
R – “It’s because you don’t have a girlfriend.”

G (another street friend) – “Do you want me to find you a girlfriend? I have a few in mind…”

(and later) – “You need to marry my sister. She’s beautiful, has long hair, and you could have a kid with her. Then you wouldn’t need to worry about your visa anymore. And then you’d be my brother-in-law!” (said with great excitement…)

W – “Please don’t ever leave…” (one of the boys from a favela project we work with, after we said good-bye to the Dutch girls…)



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4 responses to “Before bed quotes and conversations…

  1. Anonymous

    Aww…So cute,some of those made my heart hurt (in a good way).Maybe a girlfriend would remedy the headaches,I wouldn’t know I’ve only ever tried Ibuprofen!

  2. ben

    yeah, i usually use the advil/ibuprofen too… i’d say it’s one of my top-ten favorite foods… but, i guess i should try natural remedies too, right?


    yeah, the reverse visa scam. 🙂 hehe. i love it. 🙂

  4. ben

    that’s the funny thing – she couldn’t care less about the US visa… but she knows all of my problems with brazilian visas… and is looking out for me (kind of) in her own way… =)

    i was told again that if i ever felt the need, marriage would be an option “even though i don’t really like white boys…” ha.

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