Justiça Eleitoral – Vota Brasil – Eleições 2008 – Sapateado / Sapateia

A few lighter moments in my life recently…

– I’m over at the Nichols hanging with Anna tonight while Rich and Rebecca are out on the town, and I see this commercial on TV. There’s a whole series on now about how four years is a long time – so don’t waste your vote (which is coming up in October.) Basically, the kid tap-dances when nervous, and it’s been going on for four years. The tag line – “Four years is a long time – especially when things are going poorly.” There are others you can find on Youtube (search for “quatro anos e muito tempo”) but this was my fav.

– Tonight, in my hurry to cross the street and beat the light, I stepped on and tripped over an old woman’s cane. Thankfully, I didn’t knock her over, but I felt pretty idiotic.

– Yesterday, leaving the favela to head out to the children’s home we’ve been working with, I am way-laid by my downstairs neighbors who are brewing a huge vat of soup on the street, and won’t let me leave without sampling some. I try to beg off (not least because who wants a bowl of hot soup on a hot afternoon) but they won’t take no for an answer. I finally escape with a small plastic cup of boiling hot soup that I carry on my way out of the favela. Luckily, yesterday the police were also out in full force (as well as the press – TV, radio, newspapers, etc.) and I barely escaped being searched while trying to not spill my hot cup of vegetable soup. Of course, it being so hot, I couldn’t finish it before I got on the bus, which resulted in a rather precarious bus ride for at least the first few minutes, until I was able to finish my soup… (for those of you who are unfamiliar, buses in Rio are a poor-man’s amusement park ride – quick starts a stops, high speeds, swerving and dodging smaller, quicker, more nimble traffic – with most bus drivers imagining themselves to be starring in the Rio version of “the Fast and the Furious – Turbo Bus Squad…”)

Fun times here…



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2 responses to “Justiça Eleitoral – Vota Brasil – Eleições 2008 – Sapateado / Sapateia

  1. EmmA...er...Pamela

    come on, ben. i am getting bored. post something.

  2. ben

    you ask, i deliver… i aim to please… =)

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