Sometimes, it’s just the little things…

that make you happy.

– eating Doritos (cool-ranch, not the nacho flavored…)

Inca Kola.

– my Seagull guitar.

– the clouds from my roof.

– the army has pulled out of Jacarezinho.

– a clean house.

– Tina Fey and 30Rock (hilarious – not quite Arrested Development level, but close…)

– a letter from my brother.

– a message on the answering machine from Anna.

– seeing friends out of prison, off drugs, and trying to live well.

…and sometimes, the little things can be big things too…



Filed under daily life, gratitude

2 responses to “Sometimes, it’s just the little things…

  1. amanda

    ben, i have to tell you that we LOVE arrested development. i should have known that you would be a fan!!

  2. monica

    i love this! so encouraging and so true.

    also, working my way through arrested development at the moment and loving it and tina fey is amazing.

    also, looking forward to peru-style fun– see you in a month! 🙂

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