Airline miles… they’re the wave of the future!

So who knew about airline miles…

Right. After five years in Brazil, I finally have (almost) enough miles to make a trip back to the US. Foolish me – when family discussion was going on about Christmas at home (this would be the first Miller Family Christmas TM in five years which would see us all together…) – didn’t think I had enough miles to even consider it. Turns out that if I can get credit for my recent trip to Peru (from TACA, a United partner) I will have enough….

Anyway, I got excited about this, and thought I should also check and see if any (or even all three of you blog readers) had an extra United (or affiliated – Air Canada, Air China, US Airways, Thai, Lufthansa, etc.) that they felt like donating to make a Miller Family Christmas TM dream come true.

Let me know.

Ben out…



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5 responses to “Airline miles… they’re the wave of the future!

  1. andrew j. ulasich

    I bet it’s more than three.

    How many miles do you need?

  2. ben

    could be… it varies… =)

    at this point, it’s unsure – depends on whether or not TACA gives me my miles for Peru or not… if not, about probably about six or seven thousand…

  3. Michael

    You should double check the airline miles requirements during the holiday season. Normally they “double” during this period.

  4. Mei

    Hi Ben, I have some US Airways miles that I would be happy to donate. I have 649 miles, I think. The website is so hard to understand, but it’s through the Dividend Miles program. You can email me at msecrets123 AT excite dot com. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. ben

    thanks people.

    turns out i know very little about airline miles. =)

    no need for donations – tickets are in hand.

    but thanks…

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