Well, my silence over the past couple of weeks hasn’t been because you bore me, annoy me, or any thing you’ve done. “It’s not, you, it’s me…”

Thanks to frequent flyer miles, a few extra miles from my dad, and great co-workers, I now find myself back in the US. It’s cold here. See?

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(The frost on my bedroom window this morning)

But after a couple of Christmas parties (including a few that I’ll be missing), finishing up my school for the summer break (remember, next Sunday is the first day of summer in Rio), trying to get the house in order (and failing), plus packing up for this impromptu yet extremely welcome trip managed to fill my days and nights…

This afternoon, sister number one arrives (if she can beat the 6-12 inches of snow that are supposed to hit us). Tomorrow, brother flies in, to be picked up by sister number two on her way home from school, accompanied by “kind of adopted sisters 3 and 4”, who we grew up with in Peru and are spending the night on their way down to Texas… So who knows how much I’ll be on here – a merry Christmas, and joyful culmination of the Advent to you all…


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