Carnaval Stay-cation – Day 2

I am tired. My back is all scratched up. My feet are torn up. I’ve got a knot on my forehead and a bruised hip. My shoulders and back are way sunburned (despite massive multiple applications of sunscreen).

And yet, I’m happy, cause we just spent day two of our “Rio Carnaval Stay-cation 2009” at “Rio Water Planet…” Supposedly Latin America’s largest water-park, with rides such as the “Crazy Slides,” “the Wild River,” and “the Free-fall”, among others… I managed to nearly fly off the “free-fall” slide, took out a life guard and random girl on the savage river innertube ride, was involved in a 9 innertube pile up in a tunnel, and managed to flip out of the tube on a high curve, barely avoiding a mini-pile up of my own… All in all, a great day of carnaval.

Now it’s time to put on lotion for the sunburn, alcohol in the ears, and turn the AC on high!

Hooray for water parks, slides, and Carnaval!



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3 responses to “Carnaval Stay-cation – Day 2

  1. Anonymous

    sounds like fun ben-miller style! : )


  2. josh

    You have air conditioning, Ben?!? Repent and be baptized! Or circumsized! Or capsized! Or de-molecularized!

    I need you to suffer horribly, Ben. It makes me feel better about not suffering at all.

    Please comply.

  3. ben

    hey josh.

    sorry for making you feel by bad by not suffering enough. i will get right on the suffering thing. any ideas? and maybe the capsized thing too… (see, i’ve already done the first two, and the last one sounds kind of… permanent?)

    of course, if i had a sweet little one person canoe that was out in a lake, while others were shooting fruits at me with a water-balloon launcher, i think it might be easier. i don’t think it’s called capsizing when you’re on a surfboard. is it?

    i’ll keep you posted on the process though. =)

    and maybe an email that i should send your way… hope you and the fam are gloriously splendiferous…


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