And thus it begins…

After much dithering and dallying (is it odd that you can dilly-dally, or dally, but you can’t dilly?) I finally bought my tickets.

May 7th is the big day – less than three weeks away. I kept waiting in hopes prices would go down, but no such luck. It is annoying to me that a round-trip ticket purchased in the US is almost 2/3 cheaper than the same ticket purchased in Brazil… and don’t get me started on round-trip vs. one-way…

But I’m thankful that I live in Brazil – due to a quirk (or possibly some Brazilian law) Brazil is one of the few countries unaffected by the recent baggage restrictions. This means that I’m still allowed 2 70-pound bags, and extra baggage is $100 a piece (as opposed to $200-250 practically everywhere else.)

And yesterday I almost finished packing the 1st duffel. Crazy, I know… It does ruin my rep a little bit, what with me not waiting until the absolute last minute (i.e., the night before I leave) to start packing. But maybe this will just be a simple exception, and I can go back to last minute stuff before too long…


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