Off to the mountains…

Tomorrow morning we’re heading out for a few days of retreat – three and a half hours out of the city, the last hour on a dirt road – spending three nights in the cold (it gets down to 6 degrees C, about 42 in F). Thankfully the place we’re staying is supposed to have a fire-place. So four days of rest, sliding down mountain waterfalls, jumping into pools, playing in the rivers, hiking through high jungle… Four days of centering, reflecting, and celebrating with dear friends, of games and sports and cook-outs, of eating fresh trout, and soaking up the quiet of “not-city”.

Four years ago, we went to this general area, and I can’t wait to do this again…



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2 responses to “Off to the mountains…

  1. DRL

    Where is this???

  2. ben

    this is up the Visconde de Maua area, near the borders of Minas and Rio de Janeiro, about 4 hours by car outside of a Cidade Maravilhosa…

    The slide itself is called "Pedra da Escorrega" (The rock of slipping). =) And yes, it is as much fun as it looks.

    You should be able to easily find more info online, including directions, etc. Hope this helps…

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