well here I am…

As you may have gathered from the previous post, my last week in Rio (last couple of weeks, actually) was a whirlwind.  And while there are obviously things to do, people to see, etc., I’m hoping and planning to be able to take some time and solitude to process, to reflect, to grieve and let go, and to look forward to the next steps.  There will be logistical things to work out, stories to be written, miles to be run, books to be read, silence to be enjoyed and entered into…  Some of it might even get put up here…

But, before I do any of that (or even share some stories from the last few weeks), a couple of fun facts for your perusal:
– My last day at Timonis, the before and after school ministry that we partner with in the favelas, two of the older girls came rushing up to me, begging me not to go.  I thought to myself, how sweet that they are going to miss me, and wish I would stay.  But then they went on to say, “Oh no, it’s just because of the swine flu.  Everyone in America has it.  It’s dangerous.”  2 10-year-old girls in the favela…  
– I noticed a number of people in the airports wearing masks.  A few airline workers, a few more passengers, most wearing simple surgical masks or dust masks (the kind you use when sanding, etc.)  But there was one guy who had the heavy duty, silicone mask with special filters.  I kept wanting to take a picture of him (saw him both in Sao Paulo and Washington DC), but he was too fast…  Disappointing, really.
– Afghanistan has quarantined their only known pig in response to the flu.  It’s a resident of the Kabul zoo, and is named Khanzir (which means pig in Arabic.)  
And now, I’m going to go outside for a run…  Hooray for spring!

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