Iranian Election Stuff

So I’m sitting in front of my computer, working on my last prayer letter, and I keep getting distracted by news, blogs, twitter stuff (I don’t have a twitter account, but this is making me rethink… follow what’s going on through twitter here…)

Anyway, lots going on there – as I’ve read bits of what’s going on, I’m amazed and inspired by the thousands… hundreds of thousands… millions, who are taking to the streets demanding to be taken seriously, demanding their right to choose… Favorite sign so far “We are not sheep…”

A few sites to check out if you want more info:
Andrew Sullivan has a great roundup of reports, eye-witness accounts,
Huffington Post is full of info, analysis, opinions…
Live-tweeting the revolution – collecting and posting tweets from all over Iran (mostly Tehran)
And just in case you want to get a different perspective on Iran, check out FP’s Top 10 Iranian movies…
Finally, amazing pictures from the Boston Globe


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