a camping adventure/fiasco

So I’m really not sure which of the above will be true – adventure, or fiasco?

I’m heading out in about 15 minutes for a camping/rafting trip in Wisconsin with a group of folk…
Here’s some of the factors that could go either way:
– my sleeping bag was left in Brazil – so instead of a sleeping bag, I have half of a foam egshell mattress thingie, a sheet, and a blanket.
– the tent that I am using was last assembled several years ago… in Peru. I didn’t test it to see if all the pieces were there or not. It really will be a fun surprise when I get there and find out!
– rafting? in Wisconsin? hmm…
We shall see. I gotta run. Adventures and pics forthcoming…

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One response to “a camping adventure/fiasco

  1. Ben

    No pictures were taken.

    No fiasco was had (unless you count the leeches).

    It was fun though… and that’s all you internet folk get.

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