A Friday night before bed poem for you, because you are special:

(via 3 Quarks Daily…)



The prophet Hosea
Predecessor of Friedrich Nietzsche
Did not preach hope to the poor
A whore bore him a daughter and he called her
No more mercy;
Then she bore him a son, whom he called
You are not my people;
And his unfaithful wife he called

Hosea believed that the bond
between men was not the law
but love.
To disown him they called him
A minor prophet, but
Hosea was, before Christ,
The prophet of love
And of the mystic fight
against the degradation of the spirit,
the incompetence of the lords
and the degeneration of the privileged and the prophets.

He was quoted by Christ
When he said “love, not sacrifices”
Maybe Christ was only a preacher of Hosea’s doctrine
And was turned by time into the son of God, while Hosea
Was turned into a prophet forgotten by men

by Álvaro Marín

From: Noche lìquida
Publisher: Muestra de Poesía Colombiana,
Manizales, 2000


El profeta Oseas
Antecesor de Federico Nietzsche
No predicaba entre los pobres la esperanza.
Tuvo una hija con una ramera y la llamó
No más misericordia;
a su segundo hijo le dio el nombre
de No eres mi pueblo,
Y a su infiel mujer la llamó

No creía Oseas que el vínculo
entre los hombres era la ley
sino el amor.
Para negarlo lo llamaron
Profeta menor, pero
Oseas era antes que Cristo
El profeta del amor
Y de la lucha mística
contra la degradación del espíritu,
la incompetencia de los señores
y la degeneración de los investidos y los profetas.

Citado por Cristo
Cuando decía “amor, no sacrificios”
Tal vez cristo fue solo un predicador de la doctrina de Oseas
Que el tiempo convirtió en el hijo de dios, y a Oseas
En un profeta olvidado por los hombres.

And now, I go to bed, to get up early, eat breakfast, drive for an hour up into Wisconsin, then sit for hours and hours filling in little bubbles on a sheet of paper…  Pray for me, if you think of it…  Pray that I remember the key is “love (mercy), not sacrifice…”

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  1. Rachel

    Hi! Im Rachel! Im a 22 years old brazilian girl, from Rio. I was doing some researches over the internet looking over rio pics for some design work. And accidentally found your page. How joyfull it was to read some things you’ve written… Anyway, just had to leave a comment to say that you’re such a sweet and good hearted guy! Which is so very rare nowadays. Wish you the very best. May God’s love be with you! ❤ xxx

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