The Power of the Poor

Thursday, October 8th, this will be shown on PBS… I’ve never read de Soto before, so really am unsure about recommending this… but it could be interesting, and maybe even spark some discussion. Let me know if ya’ll watch it, and what you think…


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  1. Cristina Tudose Chelariu

    I’m not sure I understand “extra-legal”completely but I do think it’s not the same with illegal. If you watch this from the point of view of a law representative, I’m sure you can come up with many things against it. If you see it with the eyes of someone who has witnessed or even shared experiences with the people who don’t have access to the basic things, you’re happy for those who have found decent means of living. There are lessons we need to learn from them. I’ve learned that many times the oppressed takes the place of the oppressor when given the chance and I’m wondering if by having “their own laws and rules” the poor who better their lives by these little businesses continue to respect and maybe help those who are still very poor and still lack access to the basics. I guess this is where we see how transformation that is God centered makes all the difference.
    This is good stuff! I’m glad you posted it!

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