Two things

So I haven’t been on here for a while, as I’ve been trying to concentrate my writing time on my law school application essays. That hasn’t necessarily worked out as well as I’d hoped. But I wanted to tell you two cool things that happened today.

1 – I woke up at four this morning, drove to the hospital, put on a sterile surgical suit and the little booties that cover your shoes and the doctor’s mask, went into the OR, and watched (while translating/interpreting) as the doctors cut into a woman’s abdomen and pulled out a baby. Wow.

And right now, I’m just amazed that we (as a species) can do that, and have invented all these machines to fix you when you break, or something isn’t quite right, and then they sewed her back up. And they did this in 40 minutes.

2 – I just got an email that tells me how I did on the LSAT. However, I’m procrastinating and finishing this post before I open it, just to build suspense. Then, I think I’ll put on Europe’s song “The Final Countdown”… (And for those of you who don’t know why I love that song, I give you “a magician named G.O.B.,” from “Arrested Development.” Now I’m going to see what I got. I’ll be in touch. Enjoy…



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2 responses to “Two things

  1. julie

    well? how’d you do on the lsat?

  2. andrewulasich

    seriously. we can’t take the suspense!! but i do love GOB.

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