It never ends

In about 12 hours, we’ll be hopping in the car, driving to O’Hare, and hopping on a plane out to California…  (Apparently, there will be lots of hopping going on.)  And while I’m thrilled to spend time with family (including commemorating Kait’s graduation from nursing school!!!, a cousin’s wedding, and Christmas up at the family camp on the bluff overlooking the ocean…), I’m almost more excited about getting out of the cold for a week or so…  not entirely, but enough…

In true Ben fashion, I haven’t come close to starting to pack – but really, it’s only going to be for about 10 days, and how much do I really need to pack after all?  For those of you out in Cali, let me know if you have some time to hang out…  and for the rest of you, I may or not be around much here this Christmas.  Now, it’s off to pack (after I eat some dinner, and maybe wrap a present or two…)


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  1. Hey Ben,
    I’d love to see you when you are in town. I will probably have some time next week. Drop me a line and let me know when you might have an opening (I am working though, so evenings are best).

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