So I haven’t been on here since the trip out to California for Christmas – since coming back, things have been busy with friends, family, finishing up law school apps and the scholarship applications.  I have been not making time for this outlet.  But I thought I’d take a few minutes to point the way towards a few sites that are doing some good things, responding to the dire, horrific need those in Haiti are suffering from right now.

And while I don’t know first-hand, I can pass on a few sites, info, etc. as to how we can best help.

1 – Be informed.  Learn.

See what happened (via FP’s Passport)

– See what it looks like after 48 hours (via the Boston Globe’s The Big Picture)

Read “Some Thoughts and Links” (via Blood and Milk)

– Haiti is about the size of Maryland and a big chunk of the population lives in or near Port-Au-Prince, maybe a third of the total, depending on what you count as a suburb.  So the collapse of Port-Au-Prince is a big, big deal for the country as a whole.  It’s a dominant city for Haiti.  Plus Jacmel seems to be leveled.  From the reports I have seen, my tentative conclusion is that the country as a whole is currently below the subsistence level and will remain so for the foreseeable future. ~ via Marginal Revolution

2 – Give.  Give generously.

My general rule of thumb could be summarized as the ELE rule:

  1. Is it an Established organization with a longtime in-country presence?
  2. Does the organization employ, empower, and partner with Local individuals and organizations (eg, houses of faith, community groups)?
  3. Does the organization have Experience in disaster relief and/or health care?

(click here to finish the rest of the post, and see a few options for giving, including:

– MSF/Doctors Without BordersOxfam, Catholic Relief ServicesWorld VisionCompassion InternationalMennonite Central CommitteePartners in Health, Haiti Partners, etc…)

via Texas in Africa

3 – Pray.  Pray.  Pray…

Photo via The Big Picture


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