Chef Tony’s Miracle Blade knife set

Last night I spent a good 15 minutes watching an infomercial for Chef Tony’s miracle blade knife set. It was fascinating. Apparently the primary user market for Chef Tony’s knives are people who haven’t yet figured out how to use a normal knife. (No, you don’t slice tomatoes by stabbing them with a cleaver. No, a hammer and chisel aren’t the best way to separate ribs.)

Apparently, this knife can slice through a pineapple in mid-air. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed to do that, only to have my knife fail miserably at the job. For Pete’s sake, last time I cut a pineapple, I had to set it down on the counter.

And then there was Tom – the fawning yet slightly off-putting sidekick to Chef Tony who raved about the quality of the knives, practically had tears in his eyes at the end when Chef Tony gave him (absolutely FREE) his very own Miracle Knife set. Oh Tom… I’m not really sure what to make of some of your comments.

As Chef Tony and Tom are watching a “real live carpenter” cut through dry wall with one of the miracle knives, Tom blurts out “My wife can tell you I have ruined many a knife trying to use it like a saw.” Really Tom? Really? Or when Chef Tony demonstrates how easy it is to cut a loaf of bread with the slicer, Tom’s response is “My wife bought a bread maker, but we quit using it because neither of us could cut the bread…” Tom, if you can’t figure out how to cut the bread properly, I don’t think a new knife set is going to solve your problems.

It really is compelling television though, and for some reason, much funnier in Spanish… (to see the people who seem to have never used a knife before, go to 23 seconds into the video, and enjoy…)


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