Boom-shaka-laka… etc., etc.,

So at about 11:35 PM, Feb. 17, 2010, I pushed send on the last one of my applications.  25 of them.  Finished.  Completed.  Done.  It feels nice.  I might have to throw a party or something…  Anyone wanna come over and celebrate?

And for those that read this and pray, please be praying for me if you think of it tomorrow morning – say around 11 AM – as I will be sitting for an admissions interview at Northwestern in Chicago…  It’s a little intimidating, as I get to be all dressed up in my grown-up clothes, and be articulate and sound smart…  But also exciting – to find out more, to let them see more of who I am, and figure out if I would be a good fit there.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  But now, I should go to bed, so I’m not bleary eyed and exhausted tomorrow.

Oh, and for those of you in Indiana – I’m going to be heading down to Upland and Taylor afterwards – spending Fri. and Sat. there.  Be seeing you soon…  And hopefully, now that my mental energy isn’t being sapped by applications and essays and editing and “just one more draft”, maybe the blog output will increase correspondingly.  You can always hope…



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2 responses to “Boom-shaka-laka… etc., etc.,

  1. amanda

    Yay for you! Can’t wait to hear who sends back the ‘big envelopes’.

  2. Ben

    thanks amanda. 2/3 so far…

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