“I’m not dead yet…”

“I’m getting better…”

or, as Mark Twain once said, “The rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

Both of you who check this may be surprised to learn I’m still alive… Apparently even more so because I am the champion of saying “I don’t have time to update you all now, but when I do, it will be a good one…” And then I never follow through. Sorry folks. Perdoname, por favor…

I just returned (this afternoon) from a week spent with some of my favorite people in the world, celebrating my sister Carly’s graduation from Calvin College (GO CARLY!!!), and then playing, exploring, and generally making fools of ourselves up in beautiful northern(ish) Michigan…

I’m home now (funny how that’s true, when one year ago it wouldn’t have been remotely so), a bit tired from late nights and sleeping on hard ground, running and swimming, jumping and climbing, my soul is content in ways that I have a hard time expressing in words, yet also a little bit sad to have to say good-bye to people close to my heart – some just for a few days, while others I don’t really know when I will see them again…

Anyway, it’s time for dinner (I am currently slacking while Dad and Heather finish off prepping the food), but more in depth ruminations (on life in general, and life in my case specifically), plans for the future (currently in a state of flux), and pictures of adventures and beauty will be forthcoming…

Until then…


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One response to ““I’m not dead yet…”

  1. can’t wait to hear more about where you’re at and see some photos of your week of fun!!! we miss you!

    : )

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