In the throes of transition

So apparently I’ve been a bit incommunicado on here as of late.  I guess that being in the midst of canceling plans to go to law school, applying to a joint M.Div/Masters in International Development degree, deciding to move halfway across the country to Philadelphia, and packing up my life into my little white 1993 Honda Civic while juggling the demands of a job, ministry, and a long-distance relationship w/ an amazing girlfriend (that’s about to get even more long-distance) combine to leave me little time or inclination to blog.  Who knew?

So, for those of you who are wondering what  my future plans are, where I’m going, what I’m doing, etc., here’s the scoop…  To be honest, if you had asked me that question at any point over the last six months, I probably would have given you a different answer each time.  In spite of the confusion and uncertainty, God has been faithful as I continue to walk through the doors that he opens…

Instead of starting law school (as I originally planned when I left Brazil a little over a year ago), I currently find myself on my way to Philadelphia, PA, to begin studying at Palmer Seminary/Eastern University…  I will be enrolled in a dual-degree program (M.Div, as well as a Master’s in International Development), and will be working (through a scholarship) at the Sider Institute w/ Ron Sider and company…  I am super excited about the possibilities – both of the school, the learning that will take place, the city, and the possibilities inherent and present in any new move.  I’m excited to find my place in community there over the next several years – to make it a home.  And I’m excited to be taking the next step…

There is still a healthy amount of uncertainty, and I would appreciate any thoughts, prayers, or helpful connections as I move forward in figuring out what life will look like in this new place.  A couple specific items would be:

  • a job – I have a number of applications out, and am hopeful for something that will tie in w/ studies and provide enough flexibility to be in school and be present where I need to be.
  • finalizing the living situation – again, I have two options, but deciding which is the wiser option financially (as well as in putting down roots and making a home out of this place)
  • getting back into the “school” mindset again – I’ve been out of the loop for a while…
  • balancing my life in Philadelphia w/ my commitments and priorities and relationships that are outside of Philadelphia (aka, the girlfriend)… =)
  • ministry opportunities and ways to get involved in life there
  • a solid community of believers

I’m excited, a little nervous, but mostly ready for this next step.  And if you ever find yourself in Philadelphia, let me know and we’ll meet up.  If you’re lucky, I might even have a hammock for you to nap in…


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  1. ah, the result of four hours in panera and 5 cups of coffee. 🙂 i will be reading your blog, you can be sure of it. and praying a whole lot for you and for God’s presence and guidance with you as you venture to a new place and into a new phase of life. love you.

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