Some things never seem to change

It’s funny how some things come back to you, even after being away for so long…  Tomorrow I have my first paper due in my seminary/grad school career, and once again I feel that conflict between my perfectionistic side that wants to continue to revise over and over again and the procrastinating side that puts off said revisions until midnight the night before the paper is due (and then manages to distract me with writing this blog instead of finishing up the work which is due at varying times tomorrow – which includes, but is not limited to finishing this paper comparing and contrasting the parable of the lost sheep as told in Matthew and Luke, a book report/presentation on Augustine and the Limits of Politics, and some reading…)  sigh…

Well, I’m back to work now.  Just wanted to say hi, and distract myself a bit more.  But my three minute break is over, and now it’s time to finish.  Maybe not quite perfect, but that’s OK.

It’s going to be OK.



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3 responses to “Some things never seem to change

  1. Dave

    Hope those papers are going well. It’s an interesting tension to be challenged to write and think on rich topics, but to also do so for a graded evaluation.
    I would love to hear more about your program at Eastern. We’ll have to skype sometime soon.


  2. no phil around to distract you late at night. boo hoo!

  3. Ben

    dave – yeah – on to paper number two now… =) interesting stuff. would love to talk more. when works to skype? i’ll shoot you an email, and we’ll figure out some time soon… hope you and katie and josie and (will it be asher?) are well… praying for you…

    and anne (and phil) – i do miss having him around… sometimes i might be a bit more productive w/out him, but much less fun… =) totally missing you guys now…

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