Indiana sunsets

I guess when you’re away for a while, you forget what the sunsets can be like in Indiana…  I spent almost five years here for college, and while I grew to tolerate it, I never came to love it.  I missed my mountains too much.

But as I drove across the state this evening, the sky was so big as the sun melted ever so slowly into the horizon, oozing reds and golds and pinks and colors that wouldn’t have seemed out of place in a Monet (or is Manet?  I never can remember…)

There is a stark beauty here that I just couldn’t see before.  The moon floating inexplicably close behind the silhouettes of trees, the silence of corn fields and groves of trees, the sense of space after being closed in for months of skyscrapers and buildings…

Indiana, it’s good to be visiting you for a while.

Thanks for the sunset…



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2 responses to “Indiana sunsets

  1. Monet is right. Manet tended to do more people. Think “Man”et to remember. Monet was more the plants and water and cetera.

  2. Ben

    I’ll try to keep that in mind… water lillies and sunsets over the thames and what not, right? =) thanks joshy-wa.

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