Everybody’s got a story

Earlier this week I went with a few friends to a story slam put on by “The Moth.”

Basically, The Moth is a non-profit “dedicated to the art of story-telling.”  At this story slam, audience members put their name in a hat, 10 names are drawn, and those 10 people are given the chance to share a story.  5 minutes, no holds barred, honest, true stories…  And it was phenomenal.

As we sat (or stood) in the crowded room, listening to strangers tell funny, intimate, moving, hilarious, ridiculous, awkward stories, I was struck by the fact that all too often I forget that everyone has their story.  Every person I sit in class with, bump into in the supermarket, dodge on the street as we’re out for our afternoon runs, or crush next to on the El has their own story of beauty, tragedy, laughter, joy, and life.  So many stories, so much beauty, and all too often we miss it.  We don’t make space for it.  I don’t ask people to hear their stories.  I don’t tell my stories.  But I want to.

So, maybe that’s what Thursday nights will be: story nights.  …open invitation for Thursday night dinner and stories at my place.  Come on over, listen, and share.  I want to hear your story…





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