Some favorite posts

Here are a couple of my posts that are my favorites (in no particular order) – as well as a couple of writings that seem to have sparked the most reaction from people…  If you don’t know where to begin, why not start here?

Beauty, nature, presence, and God

The call of the rain
Two Realities
Maundy Thursday & Endings
Easter Dreams and the rest of the story…
Flying or Falling?
Stars and Advent
Today: Ipsissimia Verba?
Paying Attention
Visual parables: Grace
Look around you!
Thoughts on beauty and community
Running away from reality

Favela life, Rio, and the streets

Snapshots of the past (2003)
…and the darkness does not comprehend it…
Bleeding Daylight


I fought the law
Taco Fridays
A horrible error


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